And Now, Meow Wolf 

George R. R. Martin is a busy man. His interactive art and mystery house experience, Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe just celebrated its one year anniversary on March 19th. I was just so lucky to visit ol’ Meow Wolf on that day.

 Dressed up like a birthday cake pueblo with candles and all, a white, vanilla frosted building gave away no secrets within. Only the name in printer cartridge colors indicated this was no ordinary repurposed strip mall. Giant sculptures of wolves, spiders and monsters greet visitiors in the parking lot, leading the way to the inner sanctum. 

The lobby looks more like a brightly lit bowling alley than a museum. Colored walls that glow under black light and a paper dragon floating over head gave the exhibit a childish feel. Even then we had no idea how mind blowing this space could be. 

 Once clad in wrist bands we entered through a dark door almost hidden from view. As we walked though we were met with a cool evening, crickets chirping softly outside a two-story Victorian home. Some guests milling about inside the home and other curious souls (like me) peering into every possible crevice, for any mail box, medicine cabinet or fireplace could hold the key to this mystery house. 


The most fun part of the Meow Wolf house is being completely surprised when you enter. The thrill is in discovering portals to other worlds and solving the mystery of the house on your own so I won’t give too much away. But let me just say this, if you ever find yourself in Santa Fe, don’t shy away from the pueblo that looks like a birthday cake, for beyond those inconspicuous doors fluorescent adventure awaits.




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