Fries and Blue Skies: Australia 2016, Part one

I will be sharing more of my travel photos. These are from Australia in August and September of 2016. Photos are of the Wollongong coast and Sydney. More photos of cool places, including more from Australia, England and Paris to come.

I had such a great time playing with the different lighting and shades of blue and white on this trip. The coast is beautiful at any time of year and even as Australia moved into winter, there was the promise of sunshine and tranquility. One of the funny things about this trip was the number of times my sister and I ended up eating fries (or chips). It became a running joke of the trip but we still ate fries almost every day, no shame though.

Wollongong coast

A statuesque Summer, Sydney Botanical Gardens

Vegan dark chocolate in the Botanical Gardens
Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney

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