On Darkness

What lies in the dark is often a question heavy with fear. What lies beyond the comfort and assurance of clear vision. Does darkness encompass fear of the unknown, or is being in the dark more than an absence of clarity? Perhaps it is a reminder of the strength and power that lies within all […]

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Rose Quartz and Goddess Dust

At a craft fair in Wicker Park, in a small white tent joined with a hundred other small white tents sits a bevy of crystals, delicate brass chains, bundles of sage, and glass bottles full of good vibes and essential oils, amongst it all sits a self proclaimed earth mama and creator of each piece […]

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Stained Glass and Illumination

Down the street from gas stations, liquor stores with barred windows and defunct shop fronts lies a little gem on the corner of North and Rockwell. A small studio with colored glass glinting from every window shines, even gray skies outside cannot dim the bright art within. The artist, a jovial, fast-talking Chicagoan, opens the […]

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Quince Charming

Sly candied quinces slosh in sickly sweet syrup, sweet to look at but sour underneath. Peachy orange liquid oozes from the dense stone fruit and surely is sticky to the touch but I dare not infringe on the purity of this rare find. My lips touch the quince and a sour shock runs through my […]

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