An excerpt: “Death in the Early Evening”

This is an excerpt from a novel I am currently writing with the working title “Death in the Early Evening.” I will not go into too much detail since the novel is not finished. But I thought I would give a little peek into the story of a woman who throws a party to celebrate […]


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And Now, Meow Wolf 

George R. R. Martin is a busy man. His interactive art and mystery house experience, Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe just celebrated its one year anniversary on March 19th. I was just so lucky to visit ol’ Meow Wolf on that day.     Dressed up like a birthday cake pueblo with candles and all, a […]

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On Darkness

What lies in the dark is often a question heavy with fear. What lies beyond the comfort and assurance of clear vision. Does darkness encompass fear of the unknown, or is being in the dark more than an absence of clarity? Perhaps it is a reminder of the strength and power that lies within all […]

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Creamy Blooms and Beige Sighs

I’ve been in a creamy, beige, tan, loose hair in the wind, cozied-into-a-nook mood for a while. I always gravitate toward dark colors like black, burgundy wine and more black but recently light is returning to my wardrobe. This shift has been making me see the beauty of darkness and light working together to make […]

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