Chocolate Chip Cookies and Freedom

I turned in my last project for Uni yesterday! After working through the night, I finished around 5pm yesterday. By the time I fell asleep (or should I say stormed off and passed out on my bed with my clothes still on) I had been awake, and working nonstop, for about 37 hours straight. Oh yeah, working down to the wire for the win. To motivate myself while working I made none other than chocolate chip cookies. Because every one knows that cookies are brain food right? But seeing as I couldn’t stop to make cookies from scratch, and who knows if I would do that even if I did have time. So I used a great box mix from Hale and Hearty. It is a brand we have in the UK so I’m not sure if it’s all over the world. If it’s not, it should be. The mix was totally vegan, natural and gluten-free. It was made from oats, dark chocolate chips and  cane sugar. It was great to pour the dry mix out and be able to see all the ingredients since it’s not pulverized to a pulp like a lot of store bought mixes. 
Just add some vegan butter and non-dairy yogurt to the mix, bake for a little and that’s it! I enjoyed my cookies with a mug of almond milk aww yeahh. 

Now that I have finished my projects I am free for the summer yew! In the coming weeks before I leave the lovely UK and head back to my California, I want to: head up to Edinburgh, Scotland for a few days to take in the Gothic beauty; explore more places around Bath, UK; and spend as much time outside as the weather will let me. 

Have a great day and treat yourself to some milk and cookies.


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