Welcome to This Rainy Afternoon

It’s a rainy day in Bath Spa, UK like any other day. Hungover, tired and desperately hungry. The sky is a lid and I am the thickened jam in a small glass jar. 

Now I want jam. And toast. Hot golden crusty toast with a swatch of warm butter and several heaping spoonfuls of my new plum and port jam from this weekend’s food festival in Wells. 

Today is the perfect day to sit inside under the softest blanket ever made, with only my hands exposed to feed endless tea and toast into my mouth while watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice series from 1996.

Out my window rolls emerald green hills and quickly color changing leaves. Gold, ruby, yellow diamond leaves lightly affix themselves to gnarled branches, stumbling off into the sky every time the wind blows. 

Today is a good day to do almost nothing, to allow only furs and cotton to caress my skin and warm tea to kiss my lips. I suggest wrapping yourself in your softest garments and dining on the delicious and luxurious. 

Welcome to my rainy afternoon. 

Welcome to Citrus and Sugar.  


4 thoughts on “Welcome to This Rainy Afternoon

  1. This is divine and I will do the same….(though, sadly, without the rain) but I will glory in the textures, tastes and colors of utter comfort. Thanks for this tiny taste of Heaven! xoxo


  2. Wow, I felt it! As s result of the article, I find myself wishing for a cozy warm spot and a rainy weekend afternoon.


  3. You know, just like in cooking, you can come up with similar results in a dish with very different ingredients. A rainy day like you describe is ideal for pizza and an NCIS or Monk marathon, although I must say the fur idea has some merit.


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